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  • Stacie Rose

S.O.S!..What the hay is OAS?

Spring has has begun, kids get to play outside and we get to roll down our windows shed some layers and revel in a few more hours of sunlight! This time of year is so intoxicating, but allergies, not so much! Things are sprouting, pollen is flying and the the itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat ensemble... Not fun!

Many people experience other strange symptoms that may actually be food related, BUT have a direct connection to seasonal allergies like pollen and hay fever. OAS or Oral Allergy Syndrome can be sneaky and hard to diagnose. Often people feel as though they are reacting to different foods, yet nothing shows up in standard allergy testing, and it's hard to figure out what's going on!? It could be an apple, a berry, a handful of nuts that never offended before but is making a mouthful of trouble now. The key to the mystery might literally be on the tip of your tongue.

This article (link below) is pretty comprehensive.

I suffer from seasonal allergies myself, and also from OAS. There are only a handful of foods that cause these reactions. But identifying the culprits and being mindful of your food choices can make a huge difference.

People with Oral Allergy Syndrome often find that symptoms worsen during pollen season. If you are one of em, you may wish to avoid trigger foods at the peak of that season. Click and Read for more fun..or not so fun facts that can help you enjoy an allergy-easy Spring!!

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