The NIACIN Factor (Keeping your children safe)

The Niacin Factor… Dear parents, Please take note! I'm not a ranter, and I'm not going to rant now, but I AM going to tell you a true story that might be helpful. For the last couple of months my son Miles has been getting a little flushed and rashy in the face. Since I have very severe food allergies, I wanted to be diligent, and err on the safe side. So, I had him skin tested by a local pediatric allergist for a myriad of food items. Nothing showed up. Totally negative! Okay, so that's a good thing. We moved on. It seemed to happen after meals or snacks. He would get really flushed and a little rashy on the face. Couldn't pinpoint it. But being a holistic health coach and a mom, I felt det

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