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By Stacie Rose I try to embrace all the seasons because I believe that they directly coincide with our internal seasons, and that we must allow ourselves to feel an array of things and navigate the weather as well as nature's miraculous cycles. That said, winter can be a bully of a beast that brings us to our snow-boot-clad knees, and despite the crisp arctic air, often makes us prisoners in our homes. It brainwashes us into eating too many carbs, watching too much Netflix and feeling sorry for ourselves and the fact that we might not quite be perfectly groomed, bikini-ready and on our game in the healthy dining department. Enter spring. A breath of fresh everything! The buds, the birds, the

(Survival Guide for the Food Allergy Afflicted As seen in BC the MAG Winter 2018 Health, Beauty &amp

SURVIVIAL GUIDE FOR THE FOOD ALLERGY AFFLICTED: By Stacie Rose I have taken to carrying tea bags in my purse and shaking down servers in restaurants, but I do it with kindness and respect for their jobs. I also do it to save my own skin. I have super severe food allergies like many people these days. My list of lethals seems daunting to many (soy, dairy, egg, corn, gluten, agave, anise, raw celery, apples, strawberries and onions). I treasure my quality of life so I have gotten serious when it comes to survival and so can you. 1. Be Careful Drink the water, but beware of the olive oil, maple syrup, tea and nearly everything you put in your mouth. Read labels. Read between the lines. I am not

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